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The Grubbers
Matthew and his mom Melanie were busy making breakfast for Johnathan.  His favorite breakfast in fact: bacon and cheese omlette with a side of sausage links and a cup of coffee.  The scent wafted up to the bedroom where he could smell the bacony goodness.  Matthew was sixteen now and they had managed to get all the holidays in as a family.  Mothers Day and Fathers Day were his favorites, because without them he wouldnt be here now to celebrate.

Melanie got all the food ready on the tray along with a special love coupon book she made and walked the tray up the stairs for breakfast in bed. Matthew had put a Fathers Day card on the other side of the dish as he burst through the door to his parents room and shouted "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY YA OLD FART!"

Johnathan laughed and said "Thank you, son!" he eyed the omlette with a bit of drool escaping his mouth and he licked his lips before digging into the eggs.  His eyes caught a glimpse of the red and pink booklet that his wife had made him entitled "Red Hot Love Coupons For Anytime, Anywhere" and he flipped through it, his blush deepening as he progressed through the pages.  At one point he showed one to his wife and said "Is this legal?!"

She gave him a naughty, flirty smile and said "Lets find out another day~"

Matthew's face grew green at the image of his parents doing the dirty deed at all and he threw up in his mouth a bit.  "That's gross!"

Melanie laughed and said "One day you'll get married and start having sex and keep having sex until the day you die at a ripe old age!"

"If I ever have to use Viagra, I give you permission to kill me..." he said, turning away.

Johnathan smiled and said "If you're anything like you're old won't need it" he then gave his wife a playful slap on the butt and said "We're love machines!"

She giggled and said "It's true~  I never knew your father has maximum staying power until our honey moon~!"

Matthew blushed so hard and said "I'm going to pretend I didnt hear that..."

Johnathan smirked "But I bet Isis would LOVE to know that~"

Matthew stopped, turning around with his blush deepening to a beet red tone.  "How do you know I like Isis..."

"You look at her the same way I still look at your mother~" he winked at him.

The Copulars
Seventeen year old Isis and her mother Rita (known to the fans as Ivy) were making a scrapbook of Ace's seventeen years as a father for Father's Day.  From the very first baby picture to her Senior Class Photo, his fatherhood was carefully chonicled in the little pink scrapbook with words written under the pictures.

When they presented it to him, their first family photo they took was in it, with Ace staring at his wife's amazing rack the entire time.  He chuckled and blushed at that, then there was the picture of the aftermath of Isis' first fight in junior high.  "I remember that!  I was so proud when you won!"

"Bitch tried to steal my lunch money!  I wasn't about to take it lying down!" his daughter replied, fist pounding her father.

"I was so mad then!  I tried to tell you it's not okay to hit!" Rita said, laughing.

"Nobody's gonna walk all over my baby girl and not get hit~"

"Damn straight, Daddy~!"

"So..." Rita said "How's the love life with Matthew Grubber~?"

Isis blushed and pouted "We're not dating..."

Ace sat up in the bed and said "From where I'm sitting it don't look like it~  I see the way he looks at you and leaves you presents anonamously~"

Rita added "And I see the way you look at him too~  Just the same way I look at your father~"

The Ingleberries
Hector and Margarita loved Father's Day, and they helped their mom make a special mexican cake for it.  It was all sugar, coffee and chocolate with icing that took three days to solidify; so suffice to say it took a long time to make.  Artura was standing on her stepstool to reach the cake and whenever she needed something from a tall cabinet, she asked one of the kids to lift her up.

The green icing had yellow lettering on it with "Happy Father's Day Papi" written on it.  "Papi" is a Spanish pet name for father, plus it fit perfectly on the cake surface.  Hector carried the heavy cake to his parents room and his mother knocked on the door with "Dear~?  Are you decent~?"

"If that means I'm not naked, then yes!  I have clothes on!" they heard Sanford say from the other side of the door.

Hector and Margarita both said a silent prayer of thanks to God, they did not want to see their father in the buff like last time they came home from school and their mother was chasing him with a riding crop.  They both shivered in disgust at the memory and their mother opened the door and they all said "Happy Father's Day!" and gave him cards to commemorate the event.

"Aww~ Thank you guys~!  I love them~!" he cut pieces of cake for the kids and his wife before cutting a piece for himself and toasted "May I see 50 more Father's Days...and may Hector, Hannah and Margarita give me lots of grandkids to share them with~"

Hector blushed and said "Come again?"

"I know you're totally in love with Hannah Williams~  I see it in your eyes whenever she walks around~" his dad teased.

"PAAAAAAPPPPPIIIII!" Hector groaned, blushing uncontrolably, to which his mom and sister snickered.

"Seriously...she's the only one who can make your heart beat faster and slower at the same time, right~?"

Hector stopped and said "'d you know...?"

Sanford chuckled "This old man knows more than you give him credit for~!  I've been in your place once before when I met your Momma~"

The Williams

Hannah and her seeing-eye pony Horace where setting up decorations in the living room of the house they shared with her adoptive father William W. Williams for Fathers Day.  It wasnt that hard to set up, after Hector went with her to the store to pick out the right decorations the day before.  She knew the general layout of the house and Horace would whinney whenever she was about to run into something.

By the time Billy got up and saw the crooked decorations all he could do was smile.  She couldnt make him breakfast or cook anything due to being blind, but she still signed her name to cards and decorated the best she could by herself.  "Thank you, Hannah-Banana!" 'Hannah-Banana' being his pet name for her "I love it!"

"Happy Father's Day, Daddy~" she hugged the big lug for a long time, knowing that if not for him, she would have no reason to celebrate at all.  "Sorry it's so small...but its the best I can do..."

"Dont be sorry!  I love it just the way it is!" he lifted her onto his shoulders and paraded her around the house.

"Daddy!" she giggled "I'm too old for this~!"

"I know..." he said, putting her down "And I know you like Hector Ingleberry as more than friends~!"

A light blush came to her pale skin "Yes...what of it...?"

"Well...I just want you to know that I approve of him...Snake would teach his son to respect women~"

She smiled and her blush deepened "He does...he treats me like a queen~"

"Remember, if anybody gets out of line with you, its perfectly fine to use the karate that Rin-Tao taught you to kick their asses!"

"Hopefully it never comes to that..."

The De la Guerras
The triplets were now fifteen years old; Ricardo born first, then the only midget the sister Ying-Yang and last the boy Edwardo.  Their mother Rin-Tao retired from teaching martial arts as a profession, but she still instructed Hannah Williams the blind daughter of William W. Williams in her free time.  For their father Arturo, they prepared a feast of all his favorite dishes from the Mexican and Chinese cultures.  They all had dark eyes and their mother's bone structure, which made them very desireable amoung modeling agencies in the entire world.

Their father woke up to a pletheura of smells and tastes, to which he thanked his wife and kids.  "So do you guys mind moving to America to be closer to family...?" he asked them, which was decided after Rin-Tao's father passed away, being her only living relative to keep her here.

"No Dad!" chimed Ying-Yang "That sounds totally awsome!  I've never been to the States!"

"That'd be so cool!" said Edwardo, who was digging in on egg-drop soup.

"Can we bring Tom-Tom...?" asked Ricardo, looking down.

Tom-Tom was a trusted family friend who had lost his entire family to a murderer.  He had been alone for a year and had not come out of his depression yet.  He was Chinese-American and nineteen years old.  He had to give up on college because of what happened and just lazed around his empty house.  He had boarded up the rooms where his parents and baby sister were killed and never walked down the hallway.

"Well..." Arturo looked at his wife "He's an adult so we can't bring him to live with us..."

"That's not what I meant.  I just wanna bring him along to get his mind off things...he's been so depressed and sad since it happened I just worry about him...if he wants to stay in the States he'll get his own house...I already talked it over with him..."

Rin-Tao smiled "If he wants to visit the States with us that's fine with long as it seems to make him happier."
I know for Introduction Families I put Ace's last name as Pearl, but that was before I found out his real name was Ace D. Copular.


Introduction belongs to :iconmoncherikiwi:
Kids belong to me
GGG belong to Craig McCracken
Ember belongs to Butch Hartman
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